Invest Like a Pro

Finally private investors have access to easy-to-use professional investment tools. Bringing investors what they want – that’s what we do.

Finally private investors have access to easy-to-use professional investment tools. Bringing investors what they want – that’s what we do.

1. Find stocks that you are interested in within minutes. You’ll find Nordic companies that offer high dividend yield year after year, or growing US Small Cap companies. It is all in Pintavest.

2. Explore the development of key figures from stocks that interest you. You can easily compare stocks in the same market or sector.   

3. Invest. From the Stock View you’ll find needed identification numbers to trade stocks with your preferred broker.  

4. Track your portofolio’s development Update your investments after every trade and you’ll get a comprehensive outlook on your portofolio’s composition, key figures and risks.

Easy-to-use and extensive tools for stock screening are the cornerstones of Pintavest.

Be your own portfolio manager.

We believe in people. That everyone can be their own portfolio manager and succeed as an investor.

Pintavest can be used with any broker – it doesn’t matter if you use services of a bigger bank or a smaller web-broker.

With our diverse and easy-to-use tools, you can find stocks that interest you. You will be able to follow your portfolio’s development easily.

We offer all necessary tools for beginners and more professional stock investors.

We analyze over 6000 stocks daily. You can search for suitable investment opportunities from Finland and Europe to USA and Hong Kong. 

A clear user interface and an integrated glossary help you on your journey towards financial  freedom.

Our tools help you find key information about stocks and help you pick the winners from losers.

Initially we wanted to ease the management of our own portofolios. Therefore, we can proudly say that we are a completely nonaligned company. We want to help you make better investments.

Pintavest exist for current and future investors – from one investor to another!

By joining, you’ll be one of the first private investors to utilize our robotics for stock screening and picking.

Our Machine Learning based robot-analyst analyses stocks 24/7 looking at company value, growth, dividend and risk. 

Through the collected data, Pintavest-stars are calculated. The same stars are our own investments corner stone.

 A growing crowd of private investors have started to use our diverse and easy-to-use tools. 

Private investor, Helsinki

Predefined screeners and Pintavest stars have helped us on decision making! With the service I have started to familiarize myself more and more on stocks’ key figures.

Private investor, Oulu

User interface is great. It took the whole weekend with your service, because I was so excited.

Private investor, Stockholm

A month ago, I bought two undervalued stocks to my portfolio. Those came out as proper investments. Without Pintavest, I couldn’t have found these stocks.

Portofolio manager, Finnish Bank

Pintavest’s tools surprised me with easy to useness. Service’s tools are partly even better than in my workplace, where we use Bloomberg-terminal.


Every investor is unique and so are we! We share a common passion to making investing on stock easier.

Our background varies from building IT-solutions to financing and from marketing and communications to consulting.