Our mission

We believe in people. We believe that everyone can be their own portfolio manager and succeed as an investor. Learning and developing along the way. That everyone can prosper and reach their own goals. Become financially care free.

We are confident that each of us is able to invest like a professional. Each of us has the chance to follow stocks, pick losers from winners and enjoy dividend and on long-term make the right investment decisions.

Therefore we created Pintavest.

Our tools help you pick stocks for your investment strategy and to make the right decisions. We make professional level, easy-to-use, tools  available for private investors. With the help of our Academy, you’ll handle the basics and deeper your knowledge of investing.


Diversity, easy-of-use and independence are the three forces that drive us forward.

Firstly, for us it makes no difference whether you invest in only one country or in several nations, we can offer information about the stocks listed on all markets. We help you choose the right stocks for your needs.

Secondly, investing does not need to be complex and time consuming. Each of our tools is easy-to-use and our service is user friendly. We have gathered all the necessary investment information under one roof.

Thirdly, our platform was initially built to handle our own investment needs. Therefore we are proud to say that we are a completely independent company. For us, it makes no difference how much you invest or through which broker.  We want to help you make wise investment decisions. Pintavest is available for current and future investors -from one investor to another.

The Team


M.Sc. (Econ.)

Olli Haapa

M.Sc., M.B.A.